Hot Buffet Lunch Menu

£7.50 per person. (Latest delivery at 2pm, minimum 4 people and 7 day notice required)

Cottage Pie (veggie option)
Lasagne (veggie option) with garlic bread
Chicken and Mushroom Pie
Chilli Con Carne (gluten-free and vegan options) with cheesy nachos or jacket potatoes
Chicken Tikka Masala with rice or naan bread
Vegetable curry (vegan and gluten free options) with rice or naan bread
Roast vegetable pasta bake (gluten-free option and vegan) with garlic bread
Vegetable chilli (veggie, gluten-free and vegan options) with rice
Stuffed Peppers (veggie, gluten free and vegan options) with cous-cous
Vegetable pie (veggie, vegan options)
Vegetable hotpot (veggie, vegan options)
Fisherman’s pie
Hot/cold quiches (veggie options) with salad
Chilli pasta bake (veggie, vegan options) with garlic bread
Thai green curry with jasmine rice (veggie, vegan options)
Apple crumble with custard (£3 per person) (vegan, veggie options)